Sick Day

All in all, I like being pregnant. I have heard from friends who actually said that their 9 months with a bun in the oven was not fun for them at all. But I don’t mind how my body is looking, I actually embrace my growing belly and wear tight shirts whenever possible. Even the problems I have from sleeping in this state are masked by my love of the fact that a life is growing inside of me. I think it is amazing that women have this ability to house a baby in their bodies. Sometimes I forget that he is really in there and then my son kicks and I can actually see him moving from the outside. Amazing.

However, no matter how much pain I may be in from being pregnant–sore back, headaches, leg cramps–the very worst feeling is being pregnant AND sick at the same time. In December I had a pretty bad cold, despite getting a flu shot months before. I had a hard time dealing with it because there is a very specific list of medications that you are allowed to take. I studied this list from my doctor and bought everything on it–however none of it really worked. If it doesn’t have decongestant or alcohol in it, then in my opinion it won’t work. I suffered through the cold in December and after about 7 days, I finally felt like myself again.

A few nights ago I felt the same stuffy nose sneaking up again. The following morning while at work, with every hour that passed, my nose got stuffier and stuffier–and it was runny at the same time! How on earth is that even possible!? I bought saline nasal spray to try and alleviate the discomfort, but in the end, all I can really treat this cold with is lots of rest, fluids and, well, more rest. I took a sick day and was able to get 10 hours of sleep.

I wish I could nap some more today because I do not want to take another day off work. I really hate missing work and at this point, my job responsibilities are numerous and not all of them have been shared with a co-worker so I am the only one in my office that knows how to do these things. That is probably the most stressful part of my job. I feel like I can not take sick days or vacation time because I would have to train another person how to essentially be Nicki Woods while I am away. And let me tell you, although I make it look effortless, being Nicki Woods is a very hard thing to succeed at.  🙂

But I know that my health is the most important thing right now, not only for me but also for my baby. So I am not as stressed about taking a couple days off here and there to make sure I get better faster. Also, Cali does enjoy being home with me on these sick days–she is probably the best medicine of all.

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