The Bachelorette Update

Well, it is all finally over. DeAnna chose Jesse in the final two hour episode last night. They even had an hour long After The Rose Ceremony episode to follow, but I could not watch three whole hours of the show, I had to get ready for bed. I like that the season is shorter because the episodes are always two hours long, but that does cut down on the available time at night that I have to watch it.

Before the whole show ended, Jeremy actually came back into the picture to face DeAnna and see if she could ever grow to love him. Are you for real? Is this happening? You know that ABC was frothing at the mouth when they either A) heard Jeremy wanted to do this or B) found out that they could talk him into it. Either way, it was good reality TV, though it was not really fair to DeAnna to make her sit with Jeremy, again, to explain to him, again, why she could not say yes to him because right now, she was not in love with him. He even questioned how she could be in love with either Jesse or Jason, as if that was an impossible thing when picture-perfect Jeremy was around. He had no clue but he definitely knew he was all about himself and had to try his hardest to get her back. But instead it was DeAnna being overly nice through the tears and sniffles, gently pushing him away. Jeremy did succeed, however, at looking like a total moron. Way to go, buddy! If he’s the next Bachelor I think I’ll puke.

Now, back to what matters…

I did stay up to watch Jason try to propose when he got out of the limo first and DeAnna stopped him from going down on his knee. I was shocked because Jason seemed like the natural choice. It was so awkward for him, though, because he definitely thought that he was a lock. Jason was so overly confident and of course he hit it off with the family. But it is not about DeAnna’s family, and how they like him. It is about who DeAnna loves the most and who she believes will make her happy.

If you look at it in black and white (removing all personality traits from both men and her as well), you see a beautiful 26 year old woman trying to find love after being rejected by a jerk in front of a million viewers. Then you see two guys, one is a divorced, 31 year old man (5 years older than the woman) with a 3 year old son. The other guy is a 26 year old snowboarder, no strings attached. Is it really any surprise that she chose to start a brand new life with the guy her own age who did not have any prior commitments? That when she said she was ready to settle down and have kids, that she did not chose the guy who already had a son? When you think about it in those terms, it is not hard to believe or even understand why DeAnna did what she did. Jesse dotes on DeAnna and can afford to smother her and give her all of his attention. Jason would always have his kid around who needs just as much, if not more attention.

Of course Jason is going to be hurt, he got rejected, just like she did. I heard DeAnna being bashed on the radio for choosing Jesse, but come on people! It is not what it seems. This show is pre-recorded, edited and reviewed by a whole room full of TV peeps before it even airs. So if you think it sounds scripted, know that it was edited beautifully. ABC did their job. They made DeAnna’s dreams come true and made it look beautiful. So quit trashing her!

I did not see the hour episode to follow the finale, but I heard on the radio that DeAnna and Jesse are super cute together and resemble everything that is love. Remember, the Bachelorettes have a better track record of choosing a soul mate and actually marrying them. The Bachelors always screw it up or make the wrong choice. So let’s just sit back, relax and wait for wedding bells.

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