New Year’s Eve

Tonight Carolyn made an awesome, casual meal for us and another couple…mac&cheese, meatloaf & chicken dumpling soup. She also cracked open a bottle of Cristal Champagne (which was divine by the way) and then we had coffee and dessert…chocolate bread pudding, coffee walnut ice cream, rice crispy treats & cake.

The company was great and the food was incredible. I finished the clean up while they got dressed up for a night of dancing at the Country Club. Every New Year’s Eve the club has a live band play for the club members while they eat dinner and then dance until midnight. Ryan and I have gone in the past few years, but wanted to enjoy tonight by the fire in our jamies watching movies. So that’s just what we did. After watching It’s Complicated and then an indie soccer film called The Damned United, it was already 12:16am. We missed the countdown to the start of 2010, but to tell you the truth, I do not really care.

I look forward to 2010 and more nights by the fire with my husband and puppy dog curled up in a ball between us.


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