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Shadows of Feet

Aug 16th, 2013 Posted in Aidan, Poetry | no comment »

Last night, I was rocking Aidan to sleep in my arms. He was drinking his milk and clutching to his blankie and my hands were wrapped around his small, sweet body. Back and forth, we rocked, his head lying on my chest, my chin resting on his soft hair. On the far wall, I saw the shadow of his tiny foot on top of my leg. I can still see it now. The moment was soft and sweet and so was that shadow of our feet.

Blue Eyes

Aug 1st, 2013 Posted in Poetry | no comment »

Blue eyes, you’ve got blue eyes
And you’re all that I need
We’ve got enough time
Let me take the lead

Blue eyes, you’ve got blue eyes
And the brightest smile
You’ve broken all ties
Let me hold you a while

Blue eyes, you’ve got blue eyes
And you make me dream
To you, I could never lie
You are all that I need

Blue eyes, you’ve got blue eyes
And live in destiny’s scene
For you, my heart flutters & flies
You are the sweet to my mean

An Annoying Person…

Jul 15th, 2013 Posted in Poetry | no comment »

…is like that wad of bubble gum that you step on 61st & Madison and you’re still trying to get it off your shoe 18 blocks later.

Flowery Love

Feb 17th, 2013 Posted in Poetry | no comment »

A tiny seed planted in the depth of nurturing soil

You soak up the warmth of the sun and the rain.

Stretching roots like legs when waking up in the morning

Standing tall, stems extend like arms towards the sky.

You grow from the flowery love that is always around you,

Poking bud above soil, like a nod of fresh air.

Breathe in deep and flourish, as purple bloom unfolds

Into a flush of flowery violet and unwrapped petals.

Swaying in the field, you bend with the breeze

Floating and flowing on the whim of the wind.

  Copyright © 2013 N.E. Tasker


Happy 75th Birthday Grammie!



Fly & Falter

Feb 2nd, 2013 Posted in Poetry | no comment »

Open lanes, open roads
Broken story, full of holes

What will happen? Will it rain?
Pour all the way, break the pain

It’s not magic in the air
Static stars cling to hair

Twinkle twinkle – make it shine
It’s not a wish, not this time

Hardly close to the end
More to come, more to bend

Copyright © 2013 N.E. Tasker

Just Wait

Oct 5th, 2012 Posted in Aidan, Poetry | no comment »

This is the last way I want to go out
A scream that’s a whisper
The haunting sensation
That I may never hold your hand again

There’s always the chance – a second guess
Over 12 hours of flight
That all the memories I’ve been re-living
Will remain just that – a whisper
An inaudible voice inside my head

It’s another 8 hours
Before I get off this plane and pick you up
Hug & squeeze you longer than you’d like
I never had these thoughts before
Didn’t worry about a water landing

Now that you’re in the world
I can’t even listen to 3eb’s ballad while boarding
Gotta go to that happy place while we wait for take off

I’ve been on this vacation for a long time
16 days is a lifetime to a 14 month old

Will you remember my face?
Will you call for me by name?
Will you lift up your arms to be picked up?
Will my biggest fear be realized as you shy away?

I just have to wait
Wait for the flight to safely land
Wait to see your face
Just wait


Nov 21st, 2011 Posted in Poetry | no comment »

Encino, I will miss you
And our Holdover-Monday-fun.
It is difficult to say goodbye
When all is said and done.

I remember my first day…
You were all surprisingly nice.
I reported to Joe Fasulo…
He gave me the best advice.

I can’t tell you how sad it makes me
To leave you high and dry.
How will you continue living?
Cary will surely die!

I’ve learned so much from all of you
And after four long years,
I hope you won’t forget me
Because that’s my biggest fear.

You’re like my second family
And you’ve made every business day
So much more enjoyable
Than these simple words can say.

Of all the WB discounts
That we can get through work,
Being a part of the Encino team
Was by far the greatest perk.


Copyright © 2011 N.E. Tasker

Ta Tas

Sep 17th, 2011 Posted in Aidan, Poetry | no comment »

My bosoms are billowy
Like pillows for your sleepy head

My mammaries are abundant
Giving warm food for your grumbly tummy

My knockers are aloft
Creating a tepid valley for your baby face

My funbags are squishy
Like balloons, cushioning your fall

My gazongas are engorged
Reminding me they are really yours


Copyright © 2011 N.E. Tasker

Baby Boy

Aug 24th, 2011 Posted in Aidan, Poetry | one comment »

I love my baby
Biscuits & gravy
He’s my baby boy


I love Aidan
When he is a-fadin’
He’s my sleepy boy


I love my rugrat
He is kinda fat
He’s my chubby boy


I love Aidan
Everyday he’s changin’
He’s my growing boy


I love my munchkin
When he is a-luncheon
He’s my hungry boy


I love my baby
Biscuits & gravy
He’s my baby boy



Copyright © 2011 N.E. Tasker


Sleeping Aidan

Aug 21st, 2011 Posted in Aidan, Poetry | one comment »

You’re curled up

Into a ball

Your bottom up in the air

Face on my chest

Squished into the sweetest

Open-mouth smile

All 11 pounds of you

Are weighing on me heavily

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything

You twitch and squirm

Sometimes you chuckle

Eyes fluttering as you dream

I never dreamed

I could love anything

As small as you


Copyright © 2011 N.E. Tasker


Westminster Wish

Jan 22nd, 2011 Posted in Aidan, Poetry | one comment »

It is hard to foresee a Christmas wish in early September when thoughts
Are blocked by a cathedral’s gothic frame and flying buttresses.

Dark clouds quickly gather to suffocate the sky,
But we escape the pending rain and enter the abbey.

Names, dates and poems still etched clearly in stone walls
Render us speechless as we silently shuffle from room to room.

Before exiting the church, I donate a pound to the offering box;
Pick up a candle and borrow the blaze from an already flickering flame.

Rain and wind sneak in from behind, wicks of fire shake in unison;
I wish and I pray with eyes closed to be pregnant by Christmas.

Copyright © 2011 N.E. Tasker


Dec 13th, 2010 Posted in Poetry | no comment »

Nothing open, nothing closed
Coming down the mountain
Nothing falling, nothing rising
Whipping through the air
Nothing tumbling, nothing swaying
Still–nothing moving
Nothing strapped, nothing hanging
Hold it down, thread it up
Nothing broken at the joint
Don’t grow up or strong or tall
Nothing rushing, nothing soaring
Through the stream or in the air
Nothing lost, nothing gained
Have everything, want for nothing

Copyright © 2010 N.E. Tasker