Just Wait

This is the last way I want to go out
A scream that’s a whisper
The haunting sensation
That I may never hold your hand again

There’s always the chance – a second guess
Over 12 hours of flight
That all the memories I’ve been re-living
Will remain just that – a whisper
An inaudible voice inside my head

It’s another 8 hours
Before I get off this plane and pick you up
Hug & squeeze you longer than you’d like
I never had these thoughts before
Didn’t worry about a water landing

Now that you’re in the world
I can’t even listen to 3eb’s ballad while boarding
Gotta go to that happy place while we wait for take off

I’ve been on this vacation for a long time
16 days is a lifetime to a 14 month old

Will you remember my face?
Will you call for me by name?
Will you lift up your arms to be picked up?
Will my biggest fear be realized as you shy away?

I just have to wait
Wait for the flight to safely land
Wait to see your face
Just wait

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