Westminster Wish

It is hard to foresee a Christmas wish in early September when thoughts
Are blocked by a cathedral’s gothic frame and flying buttresses.

Dark clouds quickly gather to suffocate the sky,
But we escape the pending rain and enter the abbey.

Names, dates and poems still etched clearly in stone walls
Render us speechless as we silently shuffle from room to room.

Before exiting the church, I donate a pound to the offering box;
Pick up a candle and borrow the blaze from an already flickering flame.

Rain and wind sneak in from behind, wicks of fire shake in unison;
I wish and I pray with eyes closed to be pregnant by Christmas.

Copyright © 2011 N.E. Tasker

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One Response to “Westminster Wish”

  1. Momma says:

    So happy your prayers were answered…I made three wishes in the abbey. One has come true, one is pending, and the other seems elusive.

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