Holidays Are Over!

This is the lull after the holidays that I love. The house is back to normal and there is nothing planned for the next few weeks; everyone is just trying to get their sleeping schedules back in whack and to stop eating so many sweets. But seriously…how can you when there’s chocolate bread pudding just screaming your name from the refrigerator???

My stuffed up sinuses have finally subsided and I went for an early morning run today. Just barely got to work with 10 minutes to spare…I usually roll in 30 minutes early because I like to avoid the chance of being late and get to the coffee pot before anyone else. I might need to shave another 5 minutes off my time in bed to ensure I do not get stuck in traffic on the 101. Traffic was light today and it took me 45 minutes to get to work, but sometimes it takes over an hour!

My New Year’s resolution was to live in the now. So far I am loving it!

  • I am not worried about handling all the work while my boss leaves today for 2 weeks while his wife has their first baby.
  • I do not stress about running every single day and if I run twice, good for me! If not, I don’t sweat it!
  • I try to eat healthy, but I make it a challenge by keeping the cost down as well.
  • I don’t beat up myself for having something sweet, but I do try to talk myself out of it before taking the first bite!
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