Back in LA

My trip to Boston for my birthday weekend was a success! For those of you who do not know, Ryan surprised me with plane tickets to Boston for my birthday. I visited with friends and reserved Birthday-Sunday for my favorite cousin Carrie–we had a blast! We did lots of shopping and talking during the day (I finally got to see her awesome house!) and then we met up with the Wheaties (Ryan, Luke, Christina and Aubry) for dinner at the Melting Pot at the Providence Place Mall in Rhode Island.

This is probably my favorite restaurant. I just love the flavors and being able to leisurely cook my own food and make conversation. The cheese and chocolate are what I look forward to the most! The bartender made me a birthday-cake-martini to enjoy with my chocolate fondue and it had a candle on top so that I could make a wish before blowing it out.

The cold weather was a bit of a cold shock, but we survived it. Monday was the only bad weather day and it was like we were in a monsoon–we got so soaked! But that is the day we went to the Renaissance Hotel at Patriot Place for massages and some much needed relaxing time in the steam room.

The flights were pretty agreeable as well. We flew JetBlue so we had Direct TV there and back as well as near empty flights so we were able to stretch out.  I was excited to go to Boston for a quick birthday trip and while I had a great time, I was so happy to be home in Los Angeles cuddling with my Cali under the covers.

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