Last weekend I had dental work done so my mouth was numb for about 4 hours after the drilling stopped. Despite not being able to feel anything, I got a headache that grew more irritating the more the Novocaine wore off. By the time I got home, I went right to bed to sleep off the numbness in an attempt to forget about the ache in my jaw.

That day, Ryan and I had wanted to take Cali for a hike because the weather was perfect for such an outing, but I was quickly passed out so the two of them went without me. I woke up a few hours later to an empty house and used the time alone to take some pain meds and nurse myself back to normalcy. Then Ryan returned from the hike with a super excited basenji. I had never seen her so happy!

Apparently there was a laguna and small water fall at the end of the hiking trail called Wildwood. In addition to a big smile, Cali was also sporting patches of mud on her stomach and in between her toes, but she had so much fun jumping and splashing in the shallow water that she did not mind me dragging her into the shower to get cleaned off.

I look forward to Wildwood this weekend if the weather improves so that I can see our dog enjoying herself firsthand. If I remember a camera or flip, I’ll share the festivities online.

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