Variety Pool Tournament – The Aftermath

I think my career as paparazzi is not going to be a successful one. I do not enjoy standing for five hours straight in the cold and got sick of saying things like:

  • You look wonderful tonight, who are you wearing?
  • What a nice handbag!
  • Are you here to play pool or just chill?
  • Please come up and smile for the camera!
  • Love it, own it, work it!

I arrived at 3:00pm yesterday to help get the rooms in the pool hall ready with the raffle prizes and tickets and then at 4:00pm, me and the rest of the paparazzi lined up on the red carpet to take pictures of the first guests to arrive. I was into it for the first 20 minutes, but it quickly turned into robotic motions that we were doing over and over again. However, I was happy to help out because 1) it got me out of work and 2) it was for a really great cause.

When the last radio personality guest star arrived at 8:00pm, me and four other paparazzi were cut loose to head inside and join the festivities which were hours from winding down.

Ryan had bought me 50 raffle tickets so we put all of them in the pot for the pair of Laker tickets and parking passes. We grabbed some food and watched our friends compete in the pool tournament but then were ready to leave at 10:00pm when the winners of the tournament were announced. However, we did not win the raffle 🙁 but hey, it was for charity, right?!

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