Prego=Vivid Dreams

I have the most vivid dreams since becoming pregnant. In the early months they were about whether my baby would be a boy or a girl. But now that I know the sex, you would assume I dream about him and what he will be like.

Nope! Instead, I dream about a belly button made of black yarn, a midget with metal legs and a secret room in my house behind the washer & dryer unit.

The midget with metal legs was a very frightening dream. Don’t get me wrong, a belly button made out of black yarn was pretty freaky in its own right. I washed my belly button extra well that morning.

But the midget dream scared me to death! For some reason, the people from this season of The Bachelor were present in this particular dream–but they were  mostly in the background. I was sitting on a bed that was pushed up against the wall. However, in this tiny space between the bed and the wall was a midget–with metal legs!

And it’s not like his legs were robotic with hinges and gears; each leg was one piece of shiny metal–like in the Terminator movies–you know how the robot melts into this shiny liquid stuff? Well the midget in my dream had legs made out of this stuff and he was freaky looking! He was trying to jump out from between the wall and the bed but his legs kept getting stuck and I think he was screaming. I woke up from this dream panting like crazy, with Ryan’s hand rubbing my chest and him saying, “Calm down, it’s just a dream.”

This next dream about the secret room in my house behind my washer & dryer was so real–it was like a hideaway that the sellers didn’t tell us about. In our kitchen, I was able to easily push the stacked washer and dryer out of the cubby hole it is currently in. That is when I saw a white door that slid open and beyond the door was another kitchen and it was beautiful. Above the sink at the opposite end of the room was a wall of windows that overlooked two rushing streams–yes, this kitchen was in the middle of the forest. And in this particular dream, at this particular time, it was fall and all the leaves were gold and red and orange.

When I turned around, I saw the old door from our old refrigerator and it was full of expired food items. I began throwing this old food away and wiping down the kitchen’s counters when I noticed there was a brand new refrigerator in this room as well. But it was tipping forward and the doors were slowly inching open–bottles of Gatorade bouncing on the floor. I ran to slam the doors shut and that’s when I noticed that this refrigerator was wedged on something, causing it to lean forward, so I tried to push it back to the wall. That is when I saw pet food dishes behind the refrigerator, full of cat food. There were also little stuffed cat toys and rocks covered with bugs. I tried to clean up all of this, but the stuffed toys came alive! They turned into furby-like creatures with googly eyes and tongues hanging out. I was going to throw them away, but how could I be so inhumane!

That is when I woke up and frantically thought to myself: “I need to get an exterminator in here this weekend to get rid of those critters!”

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