Don’t Drop the Soap!

Now think about that phrase to the tune of “Don’t Rock the Boat”–that’s the song I sing every time I drop the soap in the shower, which is about 3-5 times per shower visit. And it is not just the soap I am dropping regularly these days, it is EVERYTHING! Since I hit 5 months in my pregnancy and my belly has gotten a lot bigger, my fingers have gotten buttery. I can’t seem to hold onto anything.

Towards the end of a long day of dropping items on the floor, I start to ease myself down to the floor to sit, grab the item, take a minute and then haul myself back up to a standing position. My back is so tired of me bending over again and again and AGAIN! I am definitely earning my monthly massage this time around.

I think it is a hazing/rite-of-passage every mother-to-be must endure. From what I have heard from other mothers, they know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

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One Response to “Don’t Drop the Soap!”

  1. Kristina says:

    we should get you an EZ grabber reaching aid! It has a pincher thing at the end of a long handle for people to pick things up without having to bend over or reach up high… and if you get skilled with it… you can poke/pinch Ryan or Cali without even getting off the couch 🙂

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