Diary For My Son

A few weeks ago, I began writing a diary and the tone is directed towards my baby. It is something that I wanted to do throughout my entire pregnancy from beginning to end, but have only now gotten around to it. Instead of having it be all about me and my feelings and my emotions, I document the baby-related days, events, pregnancy milestones; and I have adjusted the content so that when it is read, it is like me talking to my son. I have also used this diary to store sonogram photographs of the little man, which already have dates printed on them, so it should turn into a very nice keepsake.

Maybe one day, he will want to read it. Or, if he wants to know what our life was like before he came along, I have it all written down. The events read like little stories (and of course they are all documented with dates), so maybe he will want me to read them to him before he falls asleep. In my baby & parenting magazines, they suggest putting together a time capsule of how you and your spouse are living now: pictures of the house pre-baby, take-out menus from favorite restaurants–things like this that you can come back to and share with the little one.

I read a book by James Patterson called Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas and it is the same basic idea where a woman, while pregnant, writes in her diary and all of the entries are directed towards her unborn child. It is a definite must read.

When I was little, I remember looking in old photo albums in my childhood home in New Hampshire and being so intrigued by how the furniture looked, hair styles of my parents, childhood pets,  and even how me and my brothers looked at such a young age. Cali is such a huge part of our life right now and she is still a young pup so I am glad she will be a part of my son’s life. I just know he will love her–and I tell him so in the diary. I think that my blog is also a great place for all of these memories and precious moments to be shared, but there are some things I want to document that I do not want posted on the world wide web. But the blog will come in handy for all the videos and pictures we will be taking of our new family. Our holiday cards will NEVER be the same again!

Also, there’s something unique and old fashioned about reading words that are hand written on a page. Whenever a special event happens that I want to share with the baby, I just pull out the book and start writing. I do not force myself to fill the page, just to get it all down. I talk about hunting for the perfect baby shower location with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, going for long walks with Ryan and Cali, and the first time that Ryan actually felt the baby move for himself (which was last night by the way!). I know that one day, I will appreciate the fact that I documented these little stories. And maybe my son will too.

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