Gag Me!

Aidan’s new thing is to shove his entire fist into his mouth. The first time we watched him do it while he was in his bath. Here we are, washing this filthy boy, removing dirt balls from the folds of his neck–and what is he doing? He has artfully put his entire hand – up to his writs – inside his mouth. Freak!

And whenever we pause halfway through a bottle feeding for a burp session, his hand moves to his mouth lightning fast–too fast to stop it before his fingers reach his lips–and lately, he’s been gagging himself until he spits up. Awesome.

I tried to talk to him about body image, explain that we love him just the way he is, and that he doesn’t have to worry what he looks like in swim trunks. But I fear this fell on deaf ears.

Now I am constantly blocking his hand from going into his mouth and shoving a bottle in there as quickly as possible. He did not like that tactic last night and was angrily screaming at me. He was VERY mad that I wouldn’t let him suck on his hand, but once he realized there was a bottle of milk in his mouth, he started to vigorously suck as if he was starving to death. Drama King.

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