Palm Springs

Do you ever feel like a reboot?

This summer was crazy for me. I went on maternity leave in early June, had 2 weeks off while very pregnant and then on Friday June 17th (the last day of my 2 weeks off from work–thank you Aidan for letting mommy soak it up) I gave birth to my son. From that day, I had a total of 10 weeks off from work and it was full of dirty diapers, breast feeding, visits from friends & relatives, doctor’s visits & check-ups, breast pumping, sunning pool-side, long stroller walks, short bjorn walks, alcohol whenever I wanted it, a Taylor Swift concert, a chili cook-off and two sushi lunches.

The visits with family and friends were probably the most exhausting. Although everyone was helpful when at the house (which was my favorite part about the visitors) and overjoyed to see Aidan, it was a lot of work entertaining so many people in such a short amount of time. And everyone wanted to take advantage of me being off from work in an effort to see me AND the baby, so when one person’s visit ended another one began the next week or even the next day.

Even outings to see friends locally for lunch with the little boy were hard because this summer was WICKED hot. The car rides felt long, the lunches felt long and there was lots of sweaty baby-holding. Sometimes he slept through the meal and then woke up just as we finished eating, in time to hand him around the table in a very serene squishy mood, perfect for hand-offs. But other times he was wide awake from the minute we parked the car until we paid the check.

Needless to say, I was anxious to get back to work and dive into a normal daily routine. So far, Aidan has shown signs of thoroughly enjoying our routine. He just adores his nanny and is always happy when we come home from work–what more could you ask for?

Today marks the end of my first two weeks back at work. Ryan, Carolyn, Aidan & I are rewarding ourselves with a weekend in Palm Springs. We rented a house in La Quinta with 3 bedrooms and private pool. We also booked spa treatments in Indian Wells for Saturday and plan on doing dinner at Ruth’s Chris Saturday night. So while Cali plays at Camp Woods with Clark and 3 dogs this weekend, we will be getting some much needed R&R–which doubles as Aidan’s very first vacation trip. Not sure if babies really need vacations, but I know I do!

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