I’m sure you all care so much about Aidan’s bowel movements, but like I said before when I blogged about my boobs–it’s my blog! I get to talk about whatever I want!

The A-man has been having problems pooping more frequently than once every week. And I tell ya what, seven days is a LOOOOOONG time to go in between poops. And when he finally did poop, it was clear that it was incredibly painful for him.

I thought it was normal because I googled it (as I google every baby question) and everyone online said it was normal for a baby to go seven days without pooping. Ryan was adamant that it was not a good thing, but what does Ryan know!?

At Aidan’s 4 month check up, the pediatrician told us that it was NOT GOOD AT ALL! He said that Aidan can not go more than five days without a poop, otherwise we need to use a glycerin suppository. What!?!? Honestly, I do not want to stick anything up my son’s butt–however, if that’s what I have to do to get him to poop comfortably, I’ll do it in a heart beat! After the suppository, if there is still no sign of poop after two days, then we have to call the doctor. I had no idea it was so serious! Damn you google! Now I have to use a suppository AND tell Ryan he was right. Yuck to both!

As a remedy for the poop problem, we started Aidan on baby oatmeal and pureed pears and apples as well as water and watered-down prune-apple juice every day. I am happy to say that all of it has worked. He has only gone five days between poops and this past week he pooped two days in a row. I can only hope that more of this oatmeal and fruit will help him become more “regular.”

It is so funny how the things you find important in your life before you have kids, are now not important at all. Those once important things are now trivial compared to poop.

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