Party Planning

It’s about one year ago today that I was frantically planning for Aidan’s 1st birthday party. The weekends surrounding Aidan’s big day were other people’s big days (2 weddings) and since he was born on Father’s Day, that means he’s cursed with this semi-holiday always on or right around his actual birthday. Last year, only a handful of people showed up for his birthday due to the fact is was on a Sunday, which was also Father’s day. I got up early in the morning to bake cup cakes, frost them in a frenzy and then pick up balloons. This year, it’s the event of the season. It’s also our first (of what I hope to be many) big party of the summer.

Clark and Carolyn are working on getting their pool heater fixed so that Ryan & I won’t freeze when we take A in the pool. He’ll swim no matter what the temp is, but I have higher/hotter standards than he does. Aidan will swim with chattering teeth – that’s how much he LOVES the water.

Against my wishes, I bought a bathing suit to wear to the party, as well as a cover-up, which looks a lot like a sun dress so it will serve two purposes. I really do hate wearing a bathing suit in front of other people, especially friends and co-workers, both of which have RSVP’d to Aidan’s 2nd birthday party in a few weeks.

Not only do we have a taco truck coming, we will have margaritas prepped, as well as a bouncy house. Carolyn, being the expert event planner that she is, will be taking the reins on the decorations & favors. I ordered his cake 2 weeks ago and will be dropping of cars the week of for the pastry chef to put on the top of the cake. I will also be picking up balloons to make sure it looks festive.

Between the bouncy house and the pool, margaritas and tacos, balloons and cake – everyone is bound to have a ball.  I’m certain Aidan will!

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