A Letter For You

Dear Aidan,

There are things in life that I have looked at differently because of you. Things that I would have normally glazed over while driving in the car or strolling down the street. The other day, I caught myself looking up to find a plane in the sky that I heard buzzing up above.

Because of you, I will always look up in the sky to find a bird or stare at the clouds – and I will always look down to find my shadow following me, just one step behind. It’s amazing how simple things that have been in my life for 31 years are now brand new to me and you are only turning 2! Imagine the things we will discover together in the years to come.

When I was pregnant and found out it was a boy, a friend asked me what I was most excited about. My answer? To show you things. The look on your face makes the most mundane things magical.




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