It’s my party…

The clouds roll in so heavy these past few mornings that I’m starting to worry about Aidan’s birthday bash on June 15. It’s so dreary out these days that it even sprinkles a little. June-gloom better roll on out of here by the 13th with some hot hot sun to follow. How will everyone stay warm pool-side?

I will not let this bring me down. My mom and my older brother will be coming to Southern California to help us celebrate the A-man’s big day–and who doesn’t love free help–I mean–family!?

No matter what temperature it is outside (rain is the only exception), I still plan on wearing my new blue & white polka dot bathing suit & teal cover-up with flip flops. I will get a pedicure and I will look super cute. It’s my party–I mean–Aidan’s party!

And if the weather is REALLY bad, I’ll just drown my sorrows in a margarita. Tequila makes everything sunny and bright.

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