The Lion King

Aidan is obsessed with the Disney movie ‘Cars’ and all of the toy cars that go along with that movie. We finally found ‘Cars 2’ on Direct TV and recorded it and this past weekend, we’ve watched it about 37 times. I’m so sick of seeing that damn movie! But the Big A? He LOVES it and shows no sign of being bored by the story that he has no problem watching over and over and over again.

We finally found the original, ‘Cars’ movie on TV and have recorded that as well so now my sanity can be restored at some level.

This weekend, we wanted to show him a Disney DVD and decided on ‘The Lion King’ but the story was lost on him. I did not realize how mature that movie was. There was a lot of scary stuff for a 2 year old to process. He did enjoy the opening scene with all the animals and the song ‘I Can’t Wait To Be King’ but that was it. Then he looked at me and said, ‘mote? Cars?’ Clearly he wanted me to take the remote and turn on his beloved ‘Cars.’

Ryan & I both can quote lines from the ‘Cars movie and even when it isn’t on, we can hear Larry the Cable Guy’s voice as Mater echoing in our heads.

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