New England Tour 2013

Ryan, Aidan & I took a tour of New England over Labor Day weekend. We had a desire to see some friends, the college where we met and put some major miles on a rental car. It has been a great trip and we’ve enjoyed this little vacation as a little family.

A little over a week before Ryan & I flew to Boston, my mom came to California for a few days then left with Aidan so that she (Gram) and my dad (Gramp) could get some quality time with the Big A. And I must say, they did their Grandparently duty of spoiling him because he was certainly rotten by the time we got there! But after 48 hours of his parents, he started to come around to his old ‘California’ chill self. Let’s face it, he’s supposed to be spoiled with his Gram & Gramp, isn’t he?!

It has been such a wonderful past few weeks. The first week was in California without Aidan and although I missed him a lot that first day and night that he was gone, I quickly bounced out of that funk and really started to enjoy my freedom as a mom without a baby! Ryan & I rarely saw each other as we were taking advantage of not having obligations to get right home after work. He would go out with friends and so would I. It was bliss!

We saw friends from college when we got into Boston and enjoyed a night in a hotel room with a king sized bed. We did the Nastalgia Tour of Wheaton College, had one last dinner with friends and then drove to my hometown of Northwood, NH. I texted my mom when we hit the road and told her to keep Aidan awake until we drove in at 10pm and that’s just what she did. I think we were more excited to see Aidan than he was to see us. At some level I think he realized that the fun Gram & Gramp stuff was going to come to an end once his parents came into the picture. But no matter how spoiled, he was still our sweet little boy, giving us lots of hugs and kisses. I didn’t realize how much I missed him until we were lying in his bed at my folks house with him drinking his milk and his finger up my nose.

We spent a few more days in Tasker-ville (had a cook-out-shin-dig of course) and enjoyed the homemade sand-pile, pool and bouncy house that my mom rented for 3 days.

Now we are in Franklin, MA to visit with some friends and their kids for a few days and then it’s back to reality on Friday. Best news about flying from East to West is that you get those 3 hours back once you land in LA and it’s only Friday! We’ll have the weekend to recoup from our travels. I always look forward to vacations, but I do enjoy returning to my house, my basenji and my bed.

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