Bears & Aidan

On the long, 33 mile drive from our home in Thousand Oaks to school/work in Burbank…

A: Mommy, does Aidan poop in the woods?

Me: No, only bears poop in the woods.

A: What if bears and Aidan poop in the woods?

Me: Buddy, do you have to poop?

A: Yeah.

Me: Can you hold it?

A: No.

Me: Alright then.

I put on my flashers, pulled to the shoulder of the 5 freeway and helped the little man squat and poop on the side of the road, balancing his butt cheeks in my hands. It was a surprisingly no-mess situation. After squeezing it out, he turned around to pee on his poop (of course). I used the wipes from the glove box to tidy up his toosh and then we were back on the road.

A: Mommy, bears and Aidan poop in the woods.

Me: Yup.

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