Captain In America

Captain In America — as Aidan likes to call it — was the big boy’s costume this year. He was so grown up walking to the houses by himself (with us watching from behind), trying to be brave around the scary decorations. He loved seeing all of the blown up pumpkins and ghosts and skeletons in everyone’s yards. He wanted a picture next to all of them. Aidan really got the hang of ringing the doorbell and saying ‘trick or treat’ loud enough for everyone to hear.

Auntie JenJen came out with us so that she could join in on the trick or treating festivities. Aidan was so excited to have her there as well. I’m surprised how well he listens to her, he obviously cares about what she thinks. Except when she kept telling him to get the good candy–like chocolate–and he persistently picked whoppers, red vines and dots. What’s that about!?






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