The Bachelorette

Finally, the new season for DeAnna has begun and I am so excited. I watched the first episode last night and got to see 25 guys going totally nuts over this one girl. When watching the Bachelor in the past few seasons, I was not surprised to see the girls getting greedy over the guy, especially during the first night with the cocktails in play. But the guys for this season of The Bachelorette are literally doing anything and everything they can think of to get DeAnna’s attention. And I mean, off-the-wall crazy stuff.

There was jumping into the pool fully clothed despite her protests, blowing a duck-call whistle to call her close, doing kung-fu kicks, making her rub her hand on rock-hard abs, and the loaning of plenty of jackets to keep her warm. ABC did something new this season where the host, Chris Harrison, got to chat with DeAnna before she went into the room with all the guys’ photos to decide who she would pick. Chris asked her what her reaction was to all the crazy stuff, citing specific examples, and then flashing to those instances to help the viewers re-live the experiences and start to learn who each guy is. I really enjoyed that. I was doing a million things while watching the show so getting the recap was quite helpful. I was able to put the names to the faces and learn a bit about their personalities.

But before DeAnna did the rose ceremony, she got to give out three first impression roses throughout the night, which made the competition really heat up. You could feel the anxiety rising as each moment passed and the guys would just be sitting there, staring at the roses. I thought it was hard for the girls to go through this, but I think the guys take it even harder. You can tell that all of them are taking this so seriously and they are truly heartbroken when they do not get picked. Kind of like me getting picked last (or not at all) in kick ball in 5th grade. Man I hated that game.

To make the first impression roses easier to hand out, Jenny (from the Brad-Bachelor season where he did not choose either Jenny or DeAnna) came to help DeAnna. Such a nice, surprising twist. You saw the good and bad come out of some of the guys while talking to Jenny. One guy even asked her to sit on his lap!

Jenny interviewed all of the 25 guys individually and took really good notes. Then she gave DeAnna her three picks for one of the first impression roses, which was a big help to DeAnna so she could move on with getting to know all the guys.

At the very end of the show, we got a crier and I could not believe it. What a tool! Buck up dude! You aren’t a chick, are you? The guy who got all teary-eyed was the one who brought the duck-call whistle and after his rejection when he had his time alone with the camera, he started to blame his rejection on the guy sitting next to him throughout the night who had interrupted his “moment” with DeAnna to take her hand and rub it on his abs. Then he finally admitted that yes, he screwed up his chances, and yes, it was all his fault, yada yada yada. Go home!

My two picks are Graham…

…and Jeremy…

Let’s see how far these two guys can make it.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I also like Jeremy…the single dad. He is my choice. I think DeAnna will warm up to the idea that he has a child. She is very family oriented and motherly. Plus, he seems like a very sincere man. The other one I like is the cook, but I don’t recall his name.

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