The Bachelorette Update

This week’s episode showed a lot of tension between the 15 guys left to fight for DeAnna’s heart. The three guys who got first impression roses actually got to live with DeAnna in her mansion, and the remaining 12 guys had to stay in bunk-beds in the “guest room” (more like an out-house) with an outdoor shower sans curtain or hot water. They were truly living it rough and it was so funny to watch. Another twist that ABC has added to this season is that every guy who gets an advance rose on one of the dates gets to live with DeAnna until the next rose ceremony when three more roses will be given out.

Every time a date box came to the mansion, the three guys living in the house had to walk it down to the other guys and open it together. The 12 guys in the guest house quickly despised the three living with DeAnna, and then they pretty much all ganged up on Jeremy (I know, sweet sweet science teacher Jeremy) who got another rose on the group date at Dodger Stadium, securing his spot in the house for another few days.

He’s got a great connection with DeAnna already forming, which is totally helped out by the fact that both his parents have died and he got visibly choked up about talking about it. DeAnna even told the camera in private that she never met anyone who knew exactly what she was going through after losing her mother when she was a child.

The only one-on-one date was with Graham (yes!) and despite his profile saying he is a pro basketball player, I have found a website illustrating his many modeling talents. He’s so cute—DeAnna even called him hot—and had high expectations for their beach date. She seemed disappointed when he did not immediately go ga-ga over her. She was pouring out her soul about her fears in doing this show, speaking to him like he was her best friend and all he did was shrug his shoulders. He did not act like a typical man would where he would put his arm around her and tell her to have faith in her choices, in the show, in love. Nope, Graham was stoic, I was shocked and so was DeAnna. They did get cuddly by the fire and that is when she gave him the rose, but only after first telling Graham that she did not think she should at first because of his actions (or lack thereof). So now, the three guys staying in the house are Paul (who got a rose at the group date at the Magic Castle), Jeremy and Graham.

DeAnna got confronted by one of the guys about giving Jeremy a rose again and not giving the other guys a chance to spend after-hours time with her in the mansion. She confided in Jeremy about this and was visibly upset that they brought it up, but then Jeremy got all kissy and lovey-dovey and I am sure she did not think about it another minute.

After DeAnna gave out the last of her roses, which would be the boot for three more guys, she had to leave the room and got a little weepy about breaking those three guys’ hearts. The three guys who got the boot confided in the camera after the ceremony claiming one of three things (or a mix of everything): (1) DeAnna did not know what she wanted because they did not pick him, (2) they are usually so hot/popular/talented that they never have to fight for a woman so it was ridiculous they had to do it on this show in front of the entire world, and (3) DeAnna made a mistake.

It was as if DeAnna could hear them all making these statements because it was really quiet and she just stood there looking at the floor and the guys who got roses were still standing there, looking at her. Then she walked away and someone from the crew followed her into another room to hear her say that she was so sad to hurt these men. I do not think this was just a show, I believe DeAnna was seriously upset. She knew what it was like to be one of the many women fighting for one man, but to be the one who breaks a couple hearts every few days must be really trying on her emotions.

These guys are so cute (even the not-so-good-looking ones) when they see DeAnna upset and teary-eyed, they all mumbled something like “This is so hard for her” and at one point I thought one of them would go to console her. Way inappropriate though. They already have mini-feuds going between them, so it was smart to give her time alone and wait for her to come back when she was ready. Then, as if she could not be any sweeter or genuine about this whole process, DeAnna toasts to all these men, saying that she is certain one of them is her future husband.

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