I have bad car karma. The unlucky stuff that has happened to my car is unreal. And it is not more than 3 things, but still they are all so unlucky and so upsetting at the same time.

I got my nice new Nissan Maxima at the end of 2006 and have been loving its great features inside, which is just about everything you can put in a car except a GPS. To top it all off, I have really made it my own car with my personalized license place, Boston Red Sox license plate frame and the ‘got basenjis?’ decal on the rear window. I love my car despite the high monthly payments. I feel like this car is my one luxury and I own it which adds to the allure.

The first thing that happened to my brand new, shiny car is a dent in my front bumper that just appeared one day. I have not hit anyone since my previous car, the Buick and was doing so good with the new car looking so great! I believe it happened as a result of a car backing into my parked car while in a parking lot. I was upset for a few days, but then just let it go, knowing it would cost too much to fix. At the moment, with gas prices so high (along with the price of everything else) I can not afford to fix cosmetic damage on my vehicle. What made me most mad about this was that I have been driving so carefully ever since I got the Maxima and have been taking really good care of it. I regularly wash it and maintain a strict schedule for oil changes. So frustrating.

The second thing that happened to my brand new, shiny car is I got rear-ended about two months ago. I was sitting at a stop light and a guy in a truck came right up behind me and hit me in the back left bumper, going about 20-30 mph. Fortunately, his insurance accepted all the blame and all it was to me was an inconvenience. The guy’s insurance company paid for the repairs and a rental car until my car was fixed. I like when it is not my fault.

The third thing that happened to my brand new, shiny car is a long key mark that I discovered yesterday while my car was parked in the garage where I work. They key mark stretches from the front to the back of the car, all the way down to the primer. I park in the same spot every day and am nice to everyone I see. I do not have any feuds going with my co-workers and do not see or socialize with any of the other office people, so I know it is not personal. My only other thought is that my car was targeted accidentally, that the person with the great idea to key my car, thought it was someone else’s. What a shitty thing to do.

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