Getting Pictures Taken

How cute is this picture?

My Aunt Lisa sent it to me after taking it at the Memorial Day parade in Northwood this past Monday.

Upon saying goodbye to Brianna at the party on Saturday, her dad asked if I was going to go to the parade and Brianna smiled up at me and said, “I’m in it!” I giggled and smooched her cheek and said I was sorry to miss it, that I had to fly back to California that day.

The girl in the middle caught my eye. She’s looking at the camera in a sort of shy manner, as if to say, “No, don’t take my picture…yes, please take it, please?” She is begging to be photographed despite her hand over her eye, slightly rubbing it as if to say this day is a bore or maybe she just woke up too early? Either way, she sure does look excited to get her picture taken.

The girl to the left of the photo seems perplexed, questioning “Why?” Nothing too in-depth, though. I wouldn’t want her to hurt herself by thinking too much into it…

Why are you taking our picture?
Why am I holding this banner?
Why is the sky blue?

But my little cousin Brianna to the right, she is no more than happy to be alive as she spreads a small smile across her rosy cheeks. It looks like she has been smiling way too much on this bright sunny parade-day. Or maybe the camera was positioned in front of her face for too long and now she is gritting her teeth saying, “Take the picture already!” But my sweet little Brianna would never say that! 🙂 Just like me, we always smile the same beautiful smile when a camera is present. We are never caught off guard looking silly…

When Ryan and I were getting pictures taken after our wedding ceremony, I smiled the same way for every shot. The photographer kept directing my husband to turn his head just so and at one point I felt totally neglected, he was not addressing me, not once! I said, “What about me? Am I OK?” The photographer put his camera down to reveal his smiling face and he said, “Nicole, you are so beautiful and your smile is flawless, do not change a thing.” Yeah, that’s me…flawless Nicole.

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