The Bachelor: Where Are They Now?

Monday night my Tivo picked up an episode of The Bachelor: Where Are They Now. The same old stuff was in the first half, but DeAnna and Jesse meeting and chatting with Trista and Ryan was in the second half. That was quite enjoyable. Trista was able to tell DeAnna about what to expect in the next year as far as being in the public eye. Ryan talked to Jesse about how to handle people that come up to them as if they know him and to always be nice. I thought it was cute and I always enjoy seeing where these people are now. Even though they are not really celebrities or millionaires or anyone that we should even care about—but I still have an interest in them, and I know I am not the only one.

My mom was instant messaging me the other day when she told me to look for this episode on my Tivo and said it was entertaining, but the best part came at the very end. I watched it last night and waiting until the very end when the credits began to roll over the DeAnna/Jesse proposal. Then, the camera pulls out from the scene, which is actually on a TV that is being watched by Brad Womack—the very scum bag that dumped DeAnna two seasons’ ago! Brad was just sitting there, eating a sandwich and watching the show with an expression-less face. When DeAnna and Jesse started to hug and cry and say their I-love-you’s, Brad picked up the remote and changed the channel, cutting them off. I was dying with laughter! How great! Brad has refused to be on these shows at all, so at least ABC had a little fun with him on this episode.

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