Lucky Day

I had what I was quick to label a ‘lucky day’ on Friday, July 18th. That Friday, I received a call on my cell phone I had won a raffle that I entered the day before. The item being raffled off was two tickets to see Alanis Morissette in a very unique, private setting that only a select few would get to attend. The event was held by 104.3 My FM, a local radio station I started listening to daily when they started the $10,000-a-day-give-away. I never won $10,000, but I did sign up as a My Club member, which is where I earned points every day and ended up using those points to enter the raffle.

Ryan was my guest at the 104.3 My Stage on Monday, July 21st when Alanis Morissette was interviewed by Billy Bush on camera in front of 10 guests (us included) who watched from leopard print pillows on the floor. The room was small and the stage was less than 3 feet from us. Audio clips from the interview were aired on Billy Bush’s radio show and video clips were supposed to show up on Access Hollywood. I know I got on camera a few times, but have yet to find the episode that shows me and my smiling face.

After the interview and performance, we got group photos with Ms. Morissette and I even got to shake her hand.

Ryan and I saw her in concert on her last tour at the House of Blues in Hollywood. We had a great view of her on stage and had a wonderful time–we always enjoyed her music. Her lyrics are very unique and poetic, one of the main reasons why I like her so much. This next album she is promoting sounds incredible and we are already trying to get tickets to her next stop in Los Angeles at the Orpheum in November.

Back to my lucky day…

I got a free massage that Friday afternoon after work and felt so lucky, that I bought myself a Mega Millions lottery ticket. I kept it simple and just spent $1 on a quick-pick. I felt that I shouldn’t push my luck by picking meaningful numbers. Needless to say, I did not win the $125 million that was in the pot.

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