I am not a very graceful person. I have more than my fair share of clumsy moments. Even when I walk, I slam my heels into the ground and make a loud clip-clop everywhere I go, whether I’m in sneakers, dress shoes, flip flops or heels. Sometimes I notice the noise and make an attempt to walk softer, but to no avail.

Last night I went for a walk with Cali. The temps are still in the low 70s these days so by the time I get home around 5:15pm, the sun is warm and beating down on us enhancing the workout by making us sweat more than if it was cloudy or if the sun had already set. The loop we walked was something I started doing a few weeks ago and it is about 3 miles long so by the time we got back to the house, we were both hot and tired. We did have a scary encounter with a dead rat on the way, which I am compelled to mention because it required me to pick up Cali and walk her around the dead, decaying, smelly carcass after she removed to take another step. That was interesting.

When the walk was over, while Cali drowned her snout in the water dish, I collapsed on the couch next to Ryan. I saw that Jeopardy was about to start so I made my way upstairs to retrieve my glasses in an attempt to make the competition between Ryan and myself more than just him beating me with a speedy correct answer before I could finish reading the question.

After grabbing my glasses from the bedroom and removing my sneakers, I made my way downstairs and on the 4th wooden step is where I slipped and tumbled down the next 7. I was so scared and in shock from my body slamming in several different places against the edges of the steps that I just sat and cried for a few minutes while Cali kissed my face and Ryan rubbed my back.

I always say that if Cali was medicine, we would never be sick. I must say the puppy smooches last night did help. But this morning, I feel as though my body has aged 50 years as I struggle to sit, stand, walk and breathe.

I see a hot bath in my near future…

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2 Responses to “Timber!”

  1. Lisa says:

    Poor Nicki! I can’t believe your misfortune! First your finger in the car door, and now a tumble down your stairs…Just yesterday, your little cousin was at our house for a visit. She was running in to tell me the baby chick is pecking its way out of the shell, when she tripped on the step and bunged up her knee. Oh, she cried!!! I felt so sad as I held her and comforted her. To go from a moment of glee to one of pain, in a matter of a second, is horrible. Sorry for you and Bri’s mis-steps.
    Love, Aunt Lisa

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