Happy Anniversary To Me!

Three years ago today, me and Ryan and 200 of our family and closest friends were gathered in Meredith, NH for our wedding. I can not believe I have been married for three years! It feels like only yesterday that I was walking down the aisle with my Daddy, dancing with my flower girl, and cutting cake with my Hubby.

For those of you who were there and are interested in reminiscing, click here.

Ryan and I have made two traditions for our wedding anniversary in the past few years: 1) we go out to eat, just him and me, on the night of our anniversary; and 2) we look through the wedding album. Sounds pretty painless, right? My husband would disagree. The dinner is quite enjoyable. Tonight we are going to the Melting Pot for some do-it-yourself fondue. But the whole look at pictures part is what he hates the most. Recently a friend and her boyfriend (one of the groomsmen) were over for dinner and she asked to see the album. I was ecstatic! No one asks to see that thing and Ryan made me swear to not force it on house guests or visitors, he thinks everyone hates looking at it just as much as he does.

As my friend was flipping through the pages, commenting on the event, Ryan said, “If I glance at it now, does that mean I don’t have to look at it on our anniversary?” I guess it could be worse—I could have had the wedding videotaped and make him watch the tape every year as well. Or I could light candles and play our wedding song on loop until every page is viewed and every memory reminisced.

But that would be ridiculous…

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  1. Lisa says:

    I had meant to get a card out to you and your wonderfuly husband, but time flew by and now I’m late. Suffice it to say, each time I think of your wedding I’m in fairytale land. Next to mine and Ray’s, your wedding was the best I’ve ever attended! Much love to you both and still waiting for the pitter-patter of itsy-bitsy feet.
    Love, Aunt Lisa

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