Ode to Zo

Scars hidden beneath the slick shag carpeting 
That sways when she runs 
Like midnight prairie grasses waving in the wind. 
Two front feet with scuffed white toes 
Complement the frayed silk stripe trickling 
From chin to tummy. 
Too cunning to smile and mean well, 
Her evil eye makes most unsteady. 
She’ll invite herself to your seat, 
And you can stay there if you like but 
She will win every fight for her spot. 
She’ll initiate a stare-down, 
Intently looking for your blink, 
But her Velociraptor eyes will break your concentration: 
She’s reading your mind, 
She knows what you’re thinking.
Her charming chocolate windows 
Are bullet-proof to your every effort… 
Her eyes will never open up to let you in to hear her secrets, 
Her stories from the street.

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