Auburn Ocean

Insignificant waves of dusty froth 
Milking past the murky sea 
Tiny bubbles encircle its beholder 
Sister towers of mist stretch toward Heaven 
Closing in on clouds and stars above 
In chocolate skies-a whispered dream flies 
Tantalizing tastes of want 
Escaping from the sea of mind 
Reaching for a falling fate 
Soft winds taunting its rising steam 
Slowly colliding where time fades 
In night, time has no pride 
In stealing what you wish to hide 
With each passing of celestial haze 
Timid confidence piles as mountains 
Which weaken with dropping dreams 
Thoughts invade with haste. . . 
The very life that creates night- 
Generates the waning fear 
Of fading stars that disappear

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