Cold Outside

It is amazing how cold the air outside can be in New Hampshire when it is 11 degrees.  Despite the clear skies and sun pouring down, bouncing off the 30 foot high piles of snow (it might sound like an exaggeration, but I don’t care, it’s my blog), making it too bright to venture outside without sunglasses.  I thought my face would freeze and fall off my skull when I was met with a stiff gust of wind.

I was in New Hampshire for about 5 days and only ventured outside a total of 3 times.  Once to go from airport to home, a second time to go to my Grandmother’s funeral and a third time to go from home to airport.  My husband stayed at home with the Cali monster to keep her company and not take any days off of work.  He kept saying to me that I should walk across the street to Johnson’s Dairy Bar to get some form of fried food (all they really have there) and a milkshake (or a frappe as I like to call it, but Ryan thinks those don’t exist).

I kept telling him that starting Friday afternoon it started to snow and then it did not stop until Monday morning.  It was not good traveling conditions at all.  But still he insisted, saying I needed to buck up, bundle up and walk over there already!  He had no idea…

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