iTunes and iPods and Basenjis – Oh My!

I have started totally loving buying music on iTunes and adding new songs to my current library. I recently got a gift card to iTunes and it was all too easy to load up the money on my computer and purchase music in a just a few clicks. Then it is like an extra bonus to be listening to my iPod while traveling or at work and then these brand new songs shuffle into the mix.

I was not into the whole iPod craze until about a year ago when I started to put all my CD’s onto my computer, now all my music is portable in a handheld device (I have the video iPod) that is easy to move from work to home.

I also have one of those tiny iPods, I think it is called an iPod Shuffle that is so small, it is about 1” x 1” and clips onto your clothes so when you run, walk or exercise, you do not have to carry the bigger one. I found that listening to music while running with Cali really makes time fly by, but there is a downside: I can not hear cars, dogs, people coming our way. But if I keep my head moving, I get a glance of everyone and everything around me. I also use Cali’s enormous ears to tell me when someone or something is up ahead or approaching us from behind. I can tell from the wag of her tail or tilt of her head that there is excitement approaching.

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2 Responses to “iTunes and iPods and Basenjis – Oh My!”

  1. Tara says:

    I’ll all about iTunes, love the new design of your site!! 🙂

  2. Nicki says:

    Thanks! Curtis is so great at making incredible websites like this one. And he’s so concerned with every detail that it was perfect when I first saw it.

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