Saying Goodbye

It is all too revealing to be at a funeral for someone that you are related to by only a few movements. People you haven’t seen in years are seeing you in a very weak state of mind and body. Your emotions run rampant and it is something that you struggle to control.

Sometimes the tears do not come until you see that one person that looks at you with that one look that is disarming. Then they hug you, sorry for making you cry, but it has begun…the tears for the day have started and it is only 10:45am. When the scripture is read and the songs have been played and you even get up in front of one hundred people to read a poem about a sweater…when all of that is done, it gets easier. Easier to hug people. Easier to say thank you for coming. Easier to smile. Easier to look at the urn, lightly touch it with your fingertips, and say goodbye.

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