Training Your Adopted Dog…

You never really know what kind of dog you will get when you adopt or rescue one that was abandoned by someone else.

Someone that thought they were ready for a dog, then found out how hard it is to own one, train it and love it when it does something horrible to your most prized possessions.

I can not help but judge those people that give up a dog, especially one as young as Cali.¬† The people who had Cali before us (they named her ‘Whittier’ btw, how ridiculous!)¬†gave her up before giving her a fair chance to try and be good.

Or perhaps she was simply¬†untrainable…


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One Response to “Training Your Adopted Dog…”

  1. Aunt Lisa says:

    I feel sorry for that dog training CD! I have a similar CD that we got when we adopted our new cat, Heidi-Keke. It took only minutes of observing ‘Keke’ at the shelter to see that she was young, inquisitive, and friendly. A finger inside her cage had her coming over and snuggling; that sold me. Plus the shelter worker said she would be a good cat, compared to the white ‘Sissy’ that Brianna first saw and wanted. When ‘Sissy’ grabbed out to scratch my face and hissed at me, I dropped that cat like a hot potato!!! Yeah Heidi-Keke!

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