Rain, Rain – Go Away!

It is raining again today and the snails have come out in droves. I killed a couple last night while wearing my rubber-bottom slippers. Ick! Cali does her best to prance around the slimy creatures, but despite her tip-toes, I can still hear a CRACK! now and then.

She steps lightly in the ivy, trying to avoid getting wet, but the rain follows her wherever she goes. Once she sees it is raining out, she does not beg to go out. She hates the rain so much that she would rather hold it, than venture out in the drizzly weather.

I am exactly the same way…

…I would rather lie in bed or bundled up on the couch wearing sweats and one of Ryan’s sweatshirts. I am not a fan of the rainy weather, which is one of the many things I love about California. It only rains 1-2 weeks a year, and almost always in the winter time, when everyone is ready for a drop in the temps.

This weekend has one outing in store for me and that is it. One dinner & movie on Saturday night and then it is back to the house to watch more seasons of The West Wing and The X-Files. Ryan got me these two show’s first seasons for my birthday and after flying through every episode (without commercials!) we were ready to buy the 2nd season. I prefer watching TV shows on DVD instead of watching an entire movie. It is like a mini-movie and then you can go about your day or watch another one–whatever you want.

I have seen most, if not all of The West Wing episodes before, but a long time ago when the show was first on the air. I never watched The X-Files and I totally love it. It is like the original “Fringe” that we started watching on Fox last year. Unexplained scientific phenomenon, very unique and intriguing. It not only gets the mind working, but it also freaks me out and keeps me on the edge of my seat!

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