You Are Cold

You are cold, I know, that is why you creep closer and closer to me during the night. Now you are under the covers, but I do not mind. I like how you press your cold nose against the back of my calf and breathe out warm air. This is the last night of cold, I promise. Tomorrow night we will have a new, heavy quilt for the bed and we will be able to stretch out and be warm without being on top of each other.

Now you are standing up and you crawl towards me like you do Saturday mornings. But it is still dark and I can tell you are uncomfortable in the cold and quite confused. You lie on top of me and with one eye open, we stare at each other in the dark. You bury your nose underneath my pillow, close your eyes and start to breathe deep. I guess we will try sleeping this way for now.

It lasts about four minutes before you lift your head and focus on my face in the dark. I pat your head and you start to calm, but still you are cold. I am now turned on my side, spooning your body that is now in a ball, and my back is up against Ryan’s. We are all trying to keep warm so we can stay asleep for a few more hours before the alarm bells ring.

You are cold and now I am wide awake. I decide to get up and start getting ready for work, but you are also awake. Wide awake. You follow me into the bathroom, but you should be in bed. I tuck you in next to Ryan and you sleep a bit longer until I am ready to take you out.

Outside, it is even colder than our bedroom. You pee quickly and we rush back to the bed where I tuck you in again and leave you to sleep in the bed until your walker arrives at noon. Sleep well my puppy and stay warm. Find a sun beam in a few hours and let your skin soak up its heat.

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