Idol Pet Peeves

I love watching American Idol, especially when it is down to 8-10 contestants and viewers have already picked a few of their favorites that they root for each week. But in the past two weeks, this show (filmed live) has gone over the allotted time and run over into the time slot for Fringe, which is another show we watch regularly and tivo. But because Idol goes over and Fringe is not live, it also goes over and if you do not set up your tivo to record the show after Fringe (in this case, the news) you will miss the last few minutes of Fringe.

For those of you who do not know, Fringe is a suspense, science/mystery drama on Fox and slightly mirrors the premise behind X-Files. So as you can imagine, missing the last few minutes of Fringe is a big deal… Do they catch the bad guy? Does the slime creature get away?  What about the creepy bald guy in the trench coat, what happens to him???

And what is hysterical about Idol going over on the time slot is they know they are doing it. Ryan and Simon explained on Tuesday night’s show that they were going to avoid going over the time limit this week by cutting down on the time the judges have to comment on each singer. Their remedy of only allowing two people to judge each contestant (alternating between Paula & Simon and Kara & Randy) did not work. And this time, we did not tivo the news so the last few minutes of Fringe are cut off at the end. Good thing Fox lets you watch these episodes online.

I wish Idol would do something more proactive like cut some commercials or cut some of the time Paula is allowed to talk. What is she saying that is so important anyway? Since it is live on the East coast and then replayed as a tape for the West, why not edit the tape in the 3 hours time difference so the folks on the West do not have to miss any Fringe? It is really getting on my nerves and it has to bug the contestants too because the one who has to perform last gets a rushed reaction from the judges. How is that fair?

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