You are shushing me and I do not know why. If it is pick-on-the-person-who-sits-next-to-you-at-work day, then let me jump right in (if you do not mind) and I will¬†tell you to smile! Stop acting so grumpy all the time. You are not allowed to walk around in a funk until lunch time and then be all chipper as if you were not nasty earlier in the day. Don’t be bitter, reconsider!

Why do I get chastised for not doting over a colleague who is having personal issues? That is why they are personal! This is a place of business! I do not want you to know about my personal life so why do you insist on telling me about yours? If not just to get some sympathy. Are you that starved for attention at home that you weigh all your problems on the people you work with?

I am all about common courtesy, especially in the work place. But these two things are my biggest pet peeves and I hate that I continue to get crucified for being me–a sometimes loud, but fairly personal individual.

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