Vaca in Boston

Just got back from a mini-vaca in Boston, MA. Luke & Christina picked us up at the Providence airport on Wednesday afternoon, then we made our way to through the first steps of Nostalgia Tour 2009. First stop, Providence Place mall for some window shopping and lunch at Dave & Busters. The next stop was the Old Town Hall Bookstore at Wheaton College in Norton, MA. I was bummed I could not find any more puppy products with the WHEATON emblem, not even the paw-print dog bowls we got two years ago. Ryan scored big (as usual) and walked out of the store about $100 poorer, but got some great shirts.

Then it was off to L&C’s wicked nice condo in Mansfield, MA. While Luke & Ryan went off to be gay together and do whatever it is they do, I showered, unpacked and vegged out on the couch with Christina. We both started to doze off, then the guys came back and there was no sleep to be had. After the red-eye Ryan and I took the night before, I was aching for some Zzzz’s but alas, I struggled through the urge to sleep and got ready for the continuation of Nostalgia Tour 2009 with dinner at Stephano’s pizza.

Thursday was a spa day for Christina and I while the guys went off to hold hands and skip around town. We met up with Aubrey, Anna and their mom, Kate, for some pedicures and massages. It was a great relaxing trip. That night we all met up at Aubrey and Anna’s apartment for dinner.

Friday was a free day for me. While Luke, Ryan and Christina went golfing, I continued the Nostalgia Tour 2009 with a trip to the Wrentham Outlets for 5 hours, it was great! I went into just about every store they had and found some great deals. I stopped after 3 hours for an egg-white flat bread from Dunkin Donuts and continued on shopping for another 2 hours. I finished my visit to the outlets with 2 scoops of strawberry ice cream from the Friendly’s.

That Friday night, we wanted to Nostalgia Tour 2009 to go one with dinner at Memphis Roadhouse (Ryan’s favorite restaurant that we visited often while at Wheaton). As we drove up to the restaurant, we screamed in shock at the sight of the CLOSED/FOR SALE sign in the front window. It was devastating! Ryan had to pull the car into the Taco Bell parking lot to gain his composure. I did not think the night could go on, but he pulled himself together and we drove aimlessly before finally arrive at Stoneforge, a nice bar and restaurant near Mansfield.

Saturday was the much anticipated trip into Boston. We got lunch at Cheers and saw Funny People at Loews Boston Common. Then we made our way to the North End where we met up with my mom, dad, Kyle, Carrie and Andrew. After much restaurant-hopping, we finally landed at Ricardo’s, a nice, small place with open windows and candlelight. The food was authentic Italian and everyone enjoyed their selections.

After dinner, I said my goodbye’s to my family and we got back to L&C’s around midnight. We had to get up Sunday morning at 3:15am to make our way to the Providence airport where we began our trip home to Los Angeles.

We had so much fun with L&C and can not wait to see them in October for their wedding.

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