Waiting on a Half Day

Tomorrow is a half day for me. My work gave the entire company four half days to use whenever they like this summer. I got them approved so early that this month alone, I have a half day for three Friday’s in a row. Everyone looks at me with steaming ears and eyes of jealousy as I walk out the door at noon. I love it! I can’t wait to come in tomorrow and work away the four hours until I can beat feet and start my weekend early.

Last Friday I did a lot–got my tires rotated & alligned, picked up groceries, washed my car, did my nails, then showered and got ready for the GAP free-jeans party Tara was hosting. But tomorrow is going to be so totally different. I am not going for a run, not servicing my car and not doing a damn thing other than lying in bed, watching bad made-for-TV movies. Now THAT is the perfect way to spend a half day.

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