Labor Day Weekend

I have Friday 9/4 & Monday 9/7 off from work, I can not wait to do some serious sleeping, hair-cutting, movie-watching, USC home-game-going on all four days that I do not need to be at the office.

Friday at 11:00am I’m going to see Tiffany, who is not only my hairdresser, but also a really great friend. She’ll hack off the mullet I’ve been trying to hide and fix my bangs that have gotten so long they have to weave to stay out of my eyes.

This Saturday is USC’s first home game. We all have season tickets so we will be heading downtown at 9:45am for a 12:30pm game, then probably make our way back home at 5:00pm. Long day for Cali, but we have the best dog-walker in the world and she is going to come see Cali that day to give her a potty break.

Sunday is a free day, nothing planned so far, but I am hoping on going to see a movie. Nothing that fabulous opens this holiday weekend, but honestly, does it matter? As long as I’m sitting in the dark next to my hubby with some Junior Mints, I couldn’t care less what was on the big screen.

Sunday afternoon, my mother-in-law comes home from spending nine days in Rome with her sister. Monday we are all gathering at the big house so the dogs can swim and we can have an early dinner and hear all about her trip.

What are you guys doing this weekend?

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