Holidays (Part 2)

I am a fan of Thanksgiving because, let’s face it, food is awesome and the stuff that is featured at this holiday feast is just so incredibly good and everyone gives themselves a free-pass to over-eat. How great is that?

My mom and older brother, Curtis are coming out for Thanksgiving this year while my dad and younger brother, Kyle go kill deer in Canada. When weighing my options, I get stumped: over-eating or shooting a gun…hmm, how will I ever decide??? I’m excited to have my mom come out since I haven’t seen my family since August for the rafting trip and am unable to go back home to NH for Christmas this year. I know, so sad–Please! Dry your eyes! Don’t cry for me Tasker-ville! I know it won’t be the same without me, but somehow, you’ll get through it!

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving…my mom flies in the Saturday before and we are making a stop at Burke Williams Day Spa to treat ourselves to a nice relaxing massage and some serious sweat time in the steam room.

Sunday, the entire family is going to Magic Castle for some magic (of course) and brunch. Then, my mom is hopping on a plane to San Jose to meet up with Curtis until Wednesday, when they will both return to Los Angeles to join the Woods-clan in an over-eating extravaganza at the North Ranch Country Club.

Eating at the club is great. I know that you do not get to roll out of bed smelling the turkey that your mom has been basting for hours since the sun came up, but the club does have its perks.

Despite having to wear club-appropriate dress clothes, there is an out-of-this-world buffet where you can get anything and everything you ever dreamed of. From anĀ omelet buffet to pasta bar to meat carving stations to waffles with ice cream–what more could you really ask for? The guys usually golf that morning and then we all gather for dinner later in the day around 4pm. It is a lazy day for everyone and I am excited to be spending it with both Curtis and my mom.

One year when my mom came out for Thanksgiving, we got up at 5am on the Friday after Thanksgiving to drive to the Camarillo Premium Outlets to join the masses as we hunted for special deals that would expire in the wee-hours of the morning. I think Ryan and his mom were way more into it than we were. While they went shopping, my mom and I went to the food court for warm cafe lattes.

I will end up having Wednesday afternoon/evening, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning with my mom and brother in Los Angeles. I foresee another trip to the outlets, but one after the sun has come up and I have gotten a solid 8-10 hours of sleep. Maybe we will take in a movie or take Cali to the dog park. Whatever we do, it will be fun to be with them again.

Saturday after Thanksgiving, Ryan and I are dropping off my mom and brother at the airport so that Curtis can go back to San Jose and my mom can go back to NH. Ryan and I will then make our way to the Woods’ tailgate spot for the USC-vs-UCLA game that night. Busy Thanksgiving holiday, but fun none the less!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    It sounds like you are going to have a great Thanksgiving this year. It’s funny to hear your dad and Kyle are going hunting. My dad usually takes Thanksgiving to go to Canada for a week too, but sine my niece came and now Owen, he says he’s done! Oh what grand kids will do to somebody! My family is visiting Ben and I this year and we’re planning on doing the outlet thing the morning after. It will be so nice to enjoy the time with them. Have fun with your mom and Curtis, and just think- with no dad and Kyle, there will be more food for you! They won’t even know what they missed!

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