Leaky Roof

So exciting right?! We have a leaky roof, yay!!!

I’m totally pulling your leg right now and trying to be positive about a very negative situation. We have a leaky roof and most of the ceiling damage is in our blue room with the huge TV we’ve just about paid off. Now the floor is covered in multi-colored beach towels and a large floral print flat sheet hangs over the TV. We also have a chair positioned in the middle of the towels with a pitcher centered in the middle of the chair to catch the drips that have started up again since the rain last night.

We first noticed the leak on Monday night and it was a steady drip every 2 seconds that was coming from the track lighting. Ryan got up on a chair and felt the spots around the drip and it was soaking wet. He then unscrewed one of the screws and a stream of water came pouring down. Awesome.

I stayed home from work on Wednesday to meet with the roofer (despite me insisting it was an emergency when I called Monday night, Wednesday afternoon was the soonest they would come). The roofer’s name was Bing (odd) and he inspected the damage inside, then went outside to get up on the roof and take digital pictures of the damage there. He showed me these pictures and I was surprised to see how much standing water was right above our rooms and then there was a clogged drain that was supposed to be releasing the water from the roof. Instead, the water continues to collect and soak and leak.

Our Home Owner’s Associates covers roof damage, which is awesome, I love having home repairs be free. But it isn’t supposed to stop raining until Sunday afternoon! Today is Friday! I do not want to imagine what the blue room is going to look like come Monday. However, we’ve been reassured that the HOA will cover everything–repair of the roof & repair of our ceiling.

They won’t attempt to fix the roof until they get confirmation from our HOA that they will pay the roofer’s quote, which I am told takes a week. Then, they wait until it stops raining to go up on the roof and put down the patches/sealant the HOA approved. After the roof is confirmed as being completely repaired with no sign of future leakage, the HOA sends in a handyman to fix the ceiling. My best guess is that this is not going to get done until December 31st–but even that seems like asking for too much.

My work just gave us the last week in December off with pay so I’m excited to not have to go into work those days, but I anticipate having a handyman at the house during that week. Let’s hope!

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  1. Lisa Kennard says:

    Let’s also hope your ‘handyman’ is a cutie!

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