Exercise & Shake It Up!

For the past few months I have been following this exercise routine:

  • Monday – Run 1.5 Miles in the AM only
  • Tuesday – Run 1.5 Miles in the AM & PM
  • Wednesday – Run 1.5 Miles in the AM & PM
  • Thursday – Run 1.5 Miles in the AM & PM
  • Friday – Run 1.5 Miles in the AM only
  • Saturday/Sunday – Long Walks, whatever I feel up to

But recently, I have been switching the afternoon runs for a 2 – 2.5 mile walk. Now that the sun is out an extra hour longer after I get home from work, there’s plenty of time for a long walk. Cali keeps me at a steady pace so while I speed walk, she has time to take in the surroundings and work on her tan.

It has been a bit chilly and windy the past few days, but I am actually looking forward to these afternoon walks, instead of dreading the short runs that I was making myself do. My body is in less pain since shaking up my routine and I am certainly less creaky by the time Thursday rolls around. I used to be popping pain relieving pills by Friday, but now my morning run seems so quick and my afternoon walk so relaxing.

Cali’s sporting muscular hind quarters these days and I know that she is thankful for the less demanding exercise routing as well. Too many miles on her puppy paws and she is groany and achy come Sunday night.

I also do not beat myself up as much about exercising. If I feel like getting an extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning will make for a more productive day, then I skip the morning run. But I love that it is the only run of the day so I do not dread it that much. Cali has been running with me on weekday mornings for the past few weeks so she has been accustomed to getting up with me (not like in the past). Once she hears the bells chime on my alarm, she is up and out the bedroom door, waiting for me at the top of the stairs to get dressed and tie my shoes so we can go for a run. While I stretch and get my hat & gloves situated, she’s rolling on the carpet scratching her back with her mouth wide open and her body wriggling on the floor. She’s definitely a morning person.

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