Mom & Dad Visit: Success!

Mom and Dad’s visit was a total success!  I picked them up from the Burbank airport Thursday night after I got out of work, then we dined on some lasagna at home that I prepared the night before.

Friday we had breakfast at the house, then made our way to my office so that they could see where I work and go to lunch with a friend of mine. Then we made our way to Downtown Los Angeles where we saw Date Night at the Regal LA Live movie theatre and had drinks at Flemings while we waited for Ryan to arrive. After dinner, Ryan and my Dad went home and my Mom and I went to Staples to see Taylor Swift in concert. Gloriana was the first opening act and then Kellie Pickler. We had a blast! My mom was taking lots of pictures and videos so hopefully she will post them online soon for all of you to see.

Saturday, my Mom and I met up with Carolyn at the Four Seasons Hotel & Spa for massages. Ryan took my Dad to a Chinese Foot Massage where (despite the name) they massage your entire body for only $20! A much better deal than what we paid at the Four Seasons, I assure you! After we were all massaged and relaxed, we went to lunch and then that night, met up with Ryan’s folks for dinner.

The weather had been great since my parents got into town and Sunday was no different. The skies were clear and blue; the sun successful at warming up the Woods’ backyard for a cookout. We gathered there with family and friends for a feast and had a wonderful time!

My Dad was Mr. Fix-It the entire weekend and not only did he put up the 2nd guitar case we had been dying to see on the wall to match the 1st one we got years ago, but he also replaced the instant hot water heater in the sink. After cutting his finger on a stray screw and sharp wood protruding from the stairway’s banister, he filed that down as well. What can I say? He’s super handy to have around!

I was sad to drop my Mom and Dad off at the airport after only spending a few days with them. I do not see them as often as I would like. Cali seemed to be anxious for her lazy days to return, she was in a bit of a foul mood on Sunday, but I think she was just over-tired and a bit anxious from having visitors.

I am looking forward to my trip home to New Hampshire in August and then our excellent adventure to Europe!

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