Cool and Balmy

From warm bedsheets to hot shower,

body temps drop and jump.

Can’t find a happy medium in this wave of heat

that has suddenly taken hold of Southern California.

I step outside and the morning air is not cool and balmy,

but a sticky 80 degrees.

I can only imagine how hot it is going to be

in five hours when noon rolls around.

In my car, I can not crank the a/c high enough

as my skin surrenders beads of sweat to sticky surroundings.

We waited all winter for summer to step in

and now I wish it would cool down just a little.

The toasty drive to work is accompanied

by violent sunbeams streaming in through the windshield.

No one can focus on the road,

everyone is slamming on their breaks.

The only release is finally exiting the freeway

to enter a chilly parking garage.

The offices upstairs are being pumped full

of conditioned air, waiting for me to enter.

Copyright © 2010 N.E. Tasker

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