See the Future

I am not one to talk like a crazy person, but I have seen minutes into the future.

The other night, Ryan was driving us home after eating dinner out. I had a headache since I had gotten home from work and was rubbing the bridge of my nose and it was helping to release some of the pain. We stopped at a red light, I looked up and then looked back down and continued to rub my face.

Ryan had been breaking a major law by texting on his blackberry while driving. I try not to nag him about it and usually ignore it because he is a really good driver and has been calling and texting while driving for years without an accident.

As we sat at the red light, Ryan was texting and I was rubbing my face and that’s when it happened: I saw a vision of us us driving through the same intersection we were currently sitting at and then out of nowhere, a car comes screaming into Ryan’s side of the car as it ran a red light, hitting us. We died on impact. The vision only lasted a few seconds, but it was long enough to know what happened.

Then Ryan applied the gas and we started to enter the intersection. My head jerked up and I looked at the red lights in front of us. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Ryan wasn’t even looking at the lights, he was still texting. He had seen a right turn arrow turn green in his peripheral vision and started to drive, but our lights were still red. I screamed for him to stop. His head jerked up and he slammed on the brakes. The car from my vision drove by in front of us, missing us by inches.

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